"Just a note to let you know how well the permits reports work for us. I was at our store the other day and Marsha was working with a customer. After the customer left, she said 'that’s a result from the letters I send out from the permit report'. An $8,000 order. This is just one example of many." (Customer since 1999)


"Dale, I’ve researched 12 different permits services across the Southeast and The Market Edge is by far the best service on the market. Your reports are timely, accurate, and I really like having your reports delivered to me directly via e-mail. You make my life much easier. In other markets where you don’t do business (yet), I have to log into the permit service’s website and keep track of which permits I’ve already extracted. I never know when they have posted the updates. I HATE IT! Let me know when you expand into more of my markets. I would like to use only you......" (New customer 2007)


"Thanks again for setting up the sub-accounts via e-mail. I’m out of the office most of the time calling on builders and homeowners so having reports e-mailed to my inside sales staff is very helpful. Thanks again." (Customer since 2002)


"Hey Dale, just a quick note to let you know that business has been great despite the recent downturn in housing starts. We’re calling on more prospects and the mailings have proven to be quite effective. I’m thinking about expanding again. Call me when you can. I need a quote to add some counties." (Customer since 1994)


"The map grids on your reports are super cool! We write the map grids on our delivery tickets to help our drivers plan their routes better. As a small business, every dollar counts. Gas ain’t free." (Customer since 2004)


"Dale, I attended your seminar in Lexington KY last night. I thought the presentation was one of the best that I have ever seen. You mentioned to me that you would e- mail the presentation if we notified you. I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you. Tom Kelley. President HBA Lexington." (02/10/06)